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  • Sadia Hussain

If not now, when? If not you, who?

Quite often we think about what may have been, and what could still be, however we also question our ability to achieve our own goals and to make the changes that we need to be successful. One of the biggest barriers we face is our own thought process, and self doubt, we wonder "why me?", and "can I really do it?". These questions turn to self doubt and we stop ourselves from even trying to achieve our full potential.

When we turn the narrative on its head, and rephrase the question, we often find we automatically start our goal setting and achievement journey. Two such questions which will facilitate your journey are, if not now, when? and If not you, who? Take for example, someone approaching a milestone birthday, reflecting on the hopes and dreams that they once had, and wondering what they could have achieved. The spiral of negative self talk will convince them that its too late to now achieve those goals, and they will go on coasting through life until then ext milestone. If the same person, stops that thought process and realises that they have an unknown number of years ahead to fulfil their goals and dreams, and dare I say it set new ones that are more in line with who they are now, they will feel motivated to take action NOW, not in another year, not in a few months, and the tendency to procrastinate will slowly subside.

The second question is just as vital, if the hopes and reams are yours, if the cause is something you champion then why do you think anyone else will give it the same time, commitment and justice as you. More to the point, if the dream is yours then why shouldn't you be the one to achieve it. This can be applied to setting up your own business, or indeed campaigning for a cause which resonates with your core self.

Of course I am not saying that making theses changes and moving from a place of negative self talk to a place of positive self talk is easy, there are challenges which will present themselves, and at times your will also want to rest on some of your goals, but unless you start your journey, how will you ever make that change.

The time is now, and the person to do it is you!

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